Can I Pay Someone to Take My Online Exam For Me?

Can I Pay Someone to Take My Online Exam For Me?

Of course, you can pay someone to take your online exam for a guaranteed PASS or A/B. Whatever grade it is, be free to talk to Us and express your concerns to hire someone.

Why Is Taking Online Exams so Important ?

Examinations are important from a university point of view. You spend time reading books and attending classes and exams are the best way to judge what have you learned in the class. Moreover, it helps a professor evaluates the relative performance in a class for all students. Hence, exams have always been a deciding parameter of your capabilities and placements. Many students do their online exams on their own, however, lots of students take help from online exam takers. You probably do not know how many students have asked TakeMyExamPro to take the online exam since January 2020. Let us help you understand the process, payment, and scope of our online exam help. 

How Can I Pay Someone to Take My Exam?

This is a simple service where we take care of your exams. It happens sometimes that you fail to prepare for your final or midterm exam due to other priority activities or uncertainties in your life. Be it your job or extracurricular activities in your college, you might end up spending time on near goals and fail to look at your academics. We receive hundreds of reasons from our clients for not taking their online exams and we find every reason to be genuine. After getting great success with our Take My Exam service, we have now providing take my online exam help to clients in the US and Australia. Here are the steps to follow to hire an online exam taker for you.

  • Submit an order form to create a unique order Id for you. This is to keep a track of your exam progress.
  • Share your exam details which include, time of the exam, duration of exam, subject, and the mode of taking the exam.   
  • Select an exam taker from our pool of experts and make a payment towards the exam.
  • We connect you one hour before we take the exam for you. This is to ensure everything is in place and we do not miss out on any detail or last-minute changes.

Since March 2020, we have done more than 300 examinations with great results for our clients and we have seen an increase in demand for our online exam-taking service. However, we are not able to assign an expert for all sorts of exams, so we have selection criteria of what exams we take.

How Can I Hire Someone on Your Website to Take My Exam?

Hiring someone to Take My Exam is simple when you come to We have a dedicated set of experts who hold expertise in taking online exams. We have experts based out in different locations and timezones, hence you can pick what expert you like for yours. We have user ratings from the past for you to decide what all experts are best for you. As explained in the previous section you can hire an online expert by filling out the order form. Things you need to take care of when you hire an online expert :

  • Never share your email address or any confidential details unless requested by our team.
  • Do not respond to any unknown email luring you into services by offering a low price. It might be a confidentiality breach for you.
  • Never forget to share the feedback of the expert with the support team for consistent improvements.

What are the Different Types of Online Exams We Take For You?

There are different forms of exams and we have a few limitations when it comes to online exams. Here are a few details about our service related to online exams:

  • Take my Proctored exams - Proctored exams are a popular way to prevent and dishonesty on exams as they are always monitored. It means someone is monitoring your screen continuously. However, we can take your proctored exam for you. 
  • Take Online exam for my class - If you are enrolled in a distance learning program in universities such as the University of Phoenix or your college has decided to conduct an online exam where you need to login and appear for the exam on the university portal, we can take it for you. There are no red flags related to IP addresses or single sign-on. 
  • You send us questions and we send answers - There are several cases where a professor is online and you can only send questions of your exams via WhatsApp or email, we can do an online exam for you and send answers back to you in stipulated time. 

We do not have any troubles in taking MCQ based exam or subject exam for you as long as there are no technical constraints. Either TeamViewer support or any desktop sharing software will facilitate taking an online exam for you.

Can You Take my Online Exam Due Tonight?

We have to book an online exam taker 24 hours before your actual exam starts since it is hard to understand and read the expectations of your exam, however, in exceptional circumstances we can take your online exam on short notice as well. Hence, the minimum timeline we need is 6-8 hours before we can do your exam. It is always helpful to book your expert in advance, but no worries if you are looking for fast assistance with your online exam.

We Can Take an Online Exam for You For a Myriad of Subjects

The list of subjects is endless, however, a few common subjects for which we take an online exam is given below:

  • Take my math exam for me
  • Statistics exam help
  • Management exam help
  • Midterm and end-term exam help
  • Accounting exam help
  • Finance exam help

There are more subjects we cover from the area of engineering and management and you can always inquire about the subject you need help with. We ensure you get the top grades and never struggle to compete with the toppers of your class. 

Benefits You Get When you Ask Us to Take My Online Test For Me

If you are not getting the desired score on your test it is useless to read about other benefits of our online test-taking service. Hence, we ensure a top grade on your test and this is what makes us exceptionally good with online tests. Other benefits are listed below:

  • 100% refund guarantee in case you do not pass the test or exam due to any unforeseen issue. 
  • No red flags due to IP address mismatch as we provide online help within your college location.
  • Top experienced experts take your online test for you.
  • You do not have to pay the full amount for your online test before we take it. Hence, you always have an option to pay in two equal installments for online exam help. 
  • Our experts have more than five years of Take My Exam experience and engaged in taking online exams for more than a year now. 
  • Our service is 100% confidential and private hence there is no data leak.

These are a few benefits and guarantees you have when you go for our online exam help. There are few unsaid benefits such as we provide online exams for cheap and you do not have to spend a significant amount on our service. 

Can We Take an Online Quiz For You?

Yes, we can help you with an online quiz. As you know with one year of consistent effort we have cracked the way to succeed in an online exam. Be it a quiz or a test, we have the finest team of online exam takers who know how to score a top grade. We are not taking GRE or GMAT exam for you, but our service is limited to taking online quizzes from your college and academic subjects. Moreover, we can take your quiz from various online classes such as Wiley, Mymathlab, mystatlab, and many more. 

What are modes of communication when you take my online quiz/exam/test for me?

You can connect with us using various communication platform given below:

  • WhatsApp
  • Live Chat
  • SMS
  • Dedicated student area for message and sharing details
  • Google Docs

Calling is not feasible in the case of live exams as tutors are engaged and require higher concentration to take an online exam. Hence, we avoid calls unless necessary. We do not have support for WhatsApp calling, it is only limited to text.

Frequently Asked Questions about our online exam service

What is the cost of taking an online exam?

Online exam cost varies with the subject. For example, computer science exams, civil engineering exams are expensive compared to other subjects, such as math, stats, chemistry, and biology. However, to give you an idea, we usually charge in the range of $80-$150 for the one-hour exam.

Is there any guarantee for a grade if I pay you to take my online test?

Grades are of prime importance in final tests as the overall course grade depends on the same. Hence, we strive our best to score a top grade, however, we commit a minimum B or a refund in case the criteria are not met.

Can you take my online test through TeamViewer?

Sometimes it is not possible to login into your class and take the exam, hence, with the help of desktop sharing applications such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk we can work on your test. All you need to do is connect with us 15 minutes prior to the exam so that we do not end up in a technical glitch. This is as smooth as taking an online exam using your online portal.

Can you also take the proctored exam for me?

A proctored exam is difficult to manage due to manual monitoring of such exams, however, we can still work out a proctored exam for you. All you need to do is share your exam details and we can discuss the feasibility of taking it for you

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